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CollaborApp:  An Idea is Born

Upon arrival home from a business trip, Ms. Lloyd, the founder of CollaborApp (soon to be a registered trademark of Integrative Solution Services), was up until 3:00 a.m. to gather documents to share with her  treatment team overnight.  Before resting to get a couple of hours of sleep before work the next day, she said to herself "there must be an app for this".  Upon waking the CollaborApp name came to her mind and her idea for an app was born.

CollaborApp allows an implementation team, and caregivers, to share valuable information for an individual with disabilities in a secure electronic format. As providers and caregivers implement an individual’s “treatment plan”, daily collaboration for consistency across environments is an entitlement that needs to be addressed. Individuals with special needs are entitled to reasonable and fair treatment based on their “individual needs” and this requires the team to effectively collaborate across environments with multiple people and professionals on behalf of individuals who are not able to help themselves and who are often nonverbal.

CollaborApp is the first mobile application to address the need for collaboration across environments in a real time electronic environment. Unlike traditional paper based modality implementation, team members may utilize the app to share information and results in a secure environment. The tool is real time and inclusive for all members who accept an invitation to participate. A mobile device or the Internet can access the tool. Secure socket layers over the Internet and native App data encryption are utilized for all users in response to privacy and data security requirements. 

The app makes it possible for service providers and caregivers to gain real time information regarding a loved one or client in a secure environment, regardless of the location or time zone of any individual concerned.  The tool can be used as a daily tool for treatment plan implementation.  Also, in case of emergency, it is a means by which an individual can be located, documentation can be accessed, and and the team can be notified simultaneously with regard to the status of a disabled individual.  

The tool can be used by therapists, family members, caregivers, school districts and other  service providers who  need to share or gain access to timely information related to a disabled individual. Instead of relying on multiple people using multiple methods to  share information manually, CollaborApp can be used to gain immediate assess to current information needed to implement care on a 24/7 basis.  The app removes time delays and misinformation that naturally occurs in a chain of communication on behalf of a disabled individual.  This improves the effectiveness of a treatment plan while also reducing stress for all users of  the tool. 

Individuals who wish to access CollaborApp can simply download it and set up a profile.  Once the secure profile is created, the treatment team can accept an invitation to join and then receive notifications, documentation, and calendar access in order to share information, check in before a shift, or respond to an emergency. 

CollaborApp is in development and will be released soon. 

Thousands of Happy Customers

The goal of CollaborApp is to establish a following large enough to have an impact on the worldwide community of  disabled people.  There are multiple people concerned with Adam's treatment plan on a daily basis.  The app will be our primary tool for use to share information in a secure environment. It will also be Adam's tool that will help him communicate with his team in good times and bad.  The tool will give him a voice and I hope it does the same for other beautiful  souls like him.

God bless you and all of us on this incredible journey.